A new body alignment revolutionary

A new body alignment revolutionizes all the concepts of gravity and alignment of the human body.

The new alignment of Bowspring positions the connective tissue (myofascience) to participate evenly on all sides of the body in front and in the back, and both sides, with fluid movements with the minimum amount of strength. This new dynamic alignment is a revolutionary movement that brings us back to embody a position with natural curves in our backbone. The practice of Bowspring works from the core and helps to achieve a confidence that is reflected in the external aspect. The thoracic cavity expands and enlarges and the shoulders widen.

According to the physical laws, the human body is kept biped by the curves, since they support the weight. It is the evolution through which we have gone from quadrupeds to bipeds. In this way, if the back is straight, the gravity causes the discs to be damaged by wear, in addition the glutes when not having volume or tone do not rise towards the sacrum, so that they would cause painful pathological injuries in the lumbar part . By implementing the pattern that promotes this system, we can optimize the function of the natural curves of our spinal column and our entire body.

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