Ergonomics in the company

The human being was designed to be in movement during the day and rest during the night. Although we rest, the hormones flow, the blood circulates, and the neurons send signals. However, civilization has been “chaining us” more and more to static activities, first in front of typing machines and now computers. People spend more time sitting than before in history, especially in the offices and if we also adopt inadequate postures, the consequences of skeleton, muscles, blood circulation, and other structures are evident.

Ergonomics in office work, we seek to correct and design the work environment with the aim of reducing risks associated with the type of activity: restricted mobility, inappropriate postures, poor lighting, among other elements, and their consequences Negatives on the health and well-being of people, translating into musculoskeletal injuries to the neck, neck, hands and wrists, circulatory problems, visual disturbances, and a long etc.

On the one hand, we can choose designed furniture and office equipment that is increasingly focused, providing a design that adequately reflects the advances and ergonomic applications of the avant-garde.

On the other hand with the practice of Bowspring we can provide you to obtain a better position with lightness in the office or the place of work, through sessions at the workplace or at the studio.

For this we have the recommendations, planning and supervision of Joan Ramon Prats who is a Superior Technician in Prevention of Occupational Risks (TSPRL).

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