Section in which we offer various actives and therapies for your well-being:


Physiotherapy is a health discipline that offers a non-pharmacological therapeutic alternative to relieve symptoms of multiple ailments, both acute and chronic, through therapeutic exercise, heat, cold, light, water, manual techniques including massage and electricity . The physiotherapist is a health professional with university education. Its powers are set out in the Health Professions Ordinance. Degree in Physiotherapy (four years). It is characterized by seeking the proper development of the functions that produce the systems of the body, where its good or bad functioning has repercussions on human body kinetics or movement. Involves, through the use of scientifically proven techniques, when the human being has lost or is at risk of losing, or temporarily or permanently altering the proper movement, and with it physical functions. Without forgetting the fundamental role of Physical Therapy in the field of prevention for optimal general health. Physical therapy can not be limited to a set of procedures or techniques. It must be a profound knowledge of the human being. For this, it is essential to treat people in their bio-psycho-social world by the close interrelation between these three different areas. In physical therapy sessions, therapeutic massage is used to improve circulatory function, to recover restricted mobility between damaged tissues, to relieve or reduce pain, or to optimize sensory awareness. You can book your session by email or phone.


Shiatsu works with the principles of acupuncture on the meridians of the human body, so that certain blockages are eliminated. This allows us to relax and release the excess stress of our body, by pressure on certain key points and the elimination of negative energies.

We summarize some of the many benefits of shiatsu: It generates a deep relaxation that benefits the overall functioning of the body. It stimulates circulatory and lymphatic circulation. It balances the nervous, respiratory and digestive system. Stimulates the immune system. It exerts a purifying effect on the organism. It releases stress, tension. Improves physical and intellectual performance. You can book your session by email or phone.

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