My friend Àngels says that we all have in our interior the peace and calm we need, although many times every day and Our circumstances make us forget. The Bowspring makes that calm flow outwards, it gives me peace of mind and security, and allows me to change the perspective I have of things, to find the best way to deal with situations that we live and to know that I am on the right track in my improvement Personal, professional and spiritual. During a Bowspring session I focus on myself, on my potential, on achieving well-being I need to learn to be better, to feel better and make others feel that way too.

Practicing bowspring me effort, I improve my self-knowledge, I activate and relax, I get excited and I appreciate that connection so deep that Generates making me feel lucky. Thanks Joan for this Gift so beautiful you made me. Thanks Joan Ramon for your accompaniment.

Marilena Campos. Palma

The most significant thing that is happening to me is that my body is changing shape (and I think it will change more since I’ve only been practicing for six months). I have lost waist and I have gained chest and shoulder width, I feel my abdomen stronger, but also more relaxed. I feel stronger and lighter, and I have also lost some weight. Other benefits at the physical level that I have noticed: improvement in my postural “hygiene” in my daily life, more strength in arms and legs, better muscle tone and improvement of cervical discomforts that I used to have.

On a mental and emotional level I feel better, I have more ability to concentrate, although I think it is a field of practice that requires more time to notice more benefits, and I have only been 6 months.

Joan Llabrés. Marratxí

I’ve been practicing Bowspring for almost 3 years now. I discovered it by chance: one day a new teacher came to my yoga class and surprised us by talking about a world of curves and fascia, of “radiant heart”, “wings and roots”. I still remember the amazement of the first class, to be surprised that he asked us to push our English back and the concentration he needed to follow the precise instructions he gave us. I also remember that I did not feel pain the next day, although I had performed various postures leaning on my hands – an unprecedented fact since I injured my shoulder about 10 years ago.What has the Bowspring brought me? It’s hard to know where to start. Perhaps the most obvious and most immediate has been to be able to live without the constant pain that had become the norm in my life. When I started the Bowspring I had also started going to the chiropractor to treat my shoulder but I noticed that I needed some practice to consolidate those effects. I couldn’t even carry a slightly heavy bag with my right arm and sometimes my shoulder even hurt when I shook hands with my children in the street. With the pain, a lot of tension disappeared, which I didn’t even realize. Also more anecdotal ailments disappeared but were recurrent: loss of appetite for a few days, painful points on the right side, dizziness, fear of heights … And finally, although the patterns do not go from one day to another, it is now easier to maintain a healthier and more open posture. I have also found that the Bowspring has an emotionally healing effect. I feel calmer, braver, freer since I practice.

The first year, I sometimes began to cry after the sessions, for no obvious reason, as to unload emotions and free myself from old wounds. Thus, the Bowspring has the strength that yoga has, of working at the same time body, mind and heart, with a dimension both physical and spiritual, but, it seems to me, in a more dynamic, more cheerful and more natural way.I also like it to be so simple that it can be practiced at any age and with any physical condition: it is based on a series of actions that are found later in all postures, from simply standing to more advanced positions. take time practicing, you can go to a beginner class and not get bored because there are always aspects to discover and deepen, even in the most basic actions.

In three years, I’ve never hurt myself and I’ve always been happy and appeased from classes. Of course there are times that my body “flows” more and I feel light as a feather and other times when I feel more limited by fatigue or various tensions and the practice is more laborious. But in the end, I always feel better.And after three years I still discover things and progress. It is not so much an external progress, of giving a more “perfect” form to a posture, or of making more advanced postures, but rather an internal progress, of becoming aware of small resistances in the body or in the mind and releasing them, of “ suddenly understand ”a posture that you had been doing for months or years but without finishing inhabiting it. And that is another aspect that I like in the Bowspring: you don’t have to look for a shape, imitate someone, but it is understood that all bodies are different and that you have to feel inside. To end this long testimony, I can say that bowspring is a practice that simply makes me happier! That is why I would like to end by thanking Desi Springer and John Friend for having developed and taught this practice.

Agathe Napoly. Palma

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