We begin by proposing 10 habits to do to start a healthy life. Many times there is the intention to lead a healthy life, but we do not know where to start. By changing or acquiring the habits we propose, you can manage a fairly healthy life. You just have to propose it:

1. Modify your shopping list: essential to start improving your food. A good diet with fresh products and avoids processed foods. Most foods must be fruits, vegetables and vegetables, without forgetting about proteins.
2. Learn to cook: the second step to start eating well. If we do not know how to cook, we surely end up eating precooked foods or “anything” that we find in the refrigerator
3. Drink good quality water.
4. Fruits, vegetables and vegetables should not be missed: we can not spend even a day without taking food from these groups, preferably organic. They are the ones that will provide us with a large part of the vitamins, minerals and fiber, essential nutrients for the normal development of the organism.
5. Exercise daily: another one of the fundamental pillars to lead a healthy life. We propose the practice of Bowspring, walking, running, biking and swimming.
6. Forget about sedentary lifestyle: climb stairs, go to work by walking or by bicycle.
7. Reduce stress in your life: With breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation.
8. Improve your resting habits: a regular rest schedule can help us to recover from the tiredness of the previous day. A good mattress, an optimum resting place and sleep between 7 and 8 hours. Avoid going to bed watching the cell phone or TV, they are stimuli that hinder sleep.
9. Limits the consumption of gluten and sugars: both are usually very present in the diet.
10. Insert fiber into the diet: fiber is undoubtedly the great forgotten diet. It is very important to regulate the bowel movement and to produce the sensation of satiety that will cause us not to go through the calories.

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