Global Bowspring Certified Teacher

I am Joan Ramon Prats, the founder of the Pramu Bowspring studio, located in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. I am resourceful, restless, happy and curious. 18 years ago, I began researching and experimenting with different mindfulness techniques to help refine my choices. For the past 13 years, I have combined my mindfulness practice with my passion for the earth and ecology as an agronomist.

I have taught yoga in many different styles and as a hatha yoga teacher. I have also trained students in Pilates, breath work, relaxation, and other meditation techniques. I have obtained several degrees in the different styles of Hatha yoga.

As a complement to my training, I am a TSPRL Senior Technician for Ergonomics and Occupational Health, and I train corporate employees on how to apply ergonomics in the workplace. I am passionate about helping people to be more aware of how “lucky they are to be alive”.

In 2015, I discovered Bowspring by taking a workshop and private session with Bowspring co-founders Desi Springer and John Friend in Mallorca. Since then, I have questioned everything I had previously learned from studying yoga and pilates alignments. I began to notice an internal revolution that occurred by observing changes in my physical body and heart. Since then, I have continued to practice Bowspring and have built admiration and a relationship with Desi and John. I feel that since I discovered Bowspring, my life has changed on all levels and with a deeper self-love, inner light and freedom.

I seek to share my own experiences and insights with others to help expand healthy concepts about how we relate to our own bodies and how our bodies relate to their environment. To help in this, I believe in teaching Bowspring and techniques that promote correct postural hygiene and the relationship between our body and brain. All of these are important, as they form the proper foundation to avoid injury, ailments, inflammation, and even pathologies. In addition, these techniques help to improve our mental state and, thanks to this, contribute to a better quality of life.

As a student, you will notice my passion for teaching and sharing the benefits of Bowspring practice. I love changing people’s lives by raising the vibration in their hearts. I experience immense pleasure when I help improve the world and people’s lives by teaching the Bowspring Method and its philosophy.

I am committed to using the latest technology and techniques to help my students obtain a healthy body as well as a clear and healthy mind for a full and radiant life. I believe that the Bowspring practice will help connect everyone to their infinite potential, always coming from a radiant heart that is open to life.

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