Founder of Pramu Bowspring, Joan Ramon, an ingenious and trainer, is anxious, happy and curious. For more than 15 years, he began to investigate different holistic techniques, experimenting and refining the elections, in the last 10 years he has combined his professional life an agronomist engineer, for his passion for earth and ecology, as well as teaching yoga, as a teacher of Hatha Yoga teachers and as a teacher of yoga sessions in various styles, sessions of the Pilates method, and various technical workshops of breathing, relaxation and meditation. It has various Hatha Yoga style qualifications and the Pilates method. Of which he has taught classes and training for more than 10 years. As a complement to his training, he also has Ergonomics Superior Technician, TSPRL work health, to be able to apply ergonomics to companies. He is passionate about helping people and being more aware of the "lucky ones who are alive."
In 2015, JoanRamon discovered Bowspring, through its creators Desi Springer and John Friend in a workshop in Mallorca and a private session, since then everything that they have learned in yoga and pilates alignments has begun to be questioned, He felt an internal revolution, began the changes in his physical body and changes from the heart, since then he has a relationship of friendship and admiration with his creators, he visits them to continue refining his training and learning, in various intensive seminars in Spain, Europe and the United States.
In his classes you can discover his passion for teaching and sharing the benefits of this practice. He is a teacher accredited by her creators Desi Springer and John Friend in
Gabriela is from Uruguay, began his practice of Hatha Yoga in Montevideo in a small room in a neighborhood. From an early age he studied poetry with his paternal grandmother, she taught him great things about breathing and how to convey with sensitivity. He studied ballet for years. Sport and being "active" were always an integral part of their lives. In 2000, he went to Mallorca, where he continued his practice with several teachers of different styles. He began to study his practice with greater dedication and realized his training of Hatha Yoga 200 RTY Yoga alliance in Mallorca.
In 2014, he attended Sridaiva Bowspring's presentation in Malaga, where he felt a latent opening at all levels. It was this same opening that led him to continue to explore this new paradigm. Since then he has followed his studies at Bowspring, witnessing different training sessions and in different countries in Europe and Japan, refining this new method of movement.
He feels a student of life and enjoys, this is always open to life that surprises him. Trust and feel that each human being is unique and unrepeatable, with its unique way of communicating and perceiving its exterior. In his classes he likes to feel the energy connection with the students and that they can feel the freedom and connect with their interior. Teaching from the humility of the heart always remembering that we are all students, together we investigate how to walk towards optimum health and happiness. She is a teacher accredited by her creators Desi Springer and John Friend in
The Virginia yoga trip started with a challenge, due to a state of anxiety without known origins, yoga was an insurable and healing tool, since yoga became part of his life. In 2010, he decided to deepen and train Hatha Yoga instructor at Pramu Yoga with 350 hours RTY Recognized by the International Yoga Federation.
During these years of his practice, he enjoys learning meditation by extending knowledge by conducting and experimenting workshops with various professionals of mindfulness at European level and the United States and meditation Advaita Vedanta.
Two years ago, Joan Ramon discovered Bowspring, he initially generated a chaos and internal revolution that produced confused feelings, but decided to experiment and trust in the hands of the teachers John Friend and Desi Springer in various workshops and discover the potential of Bowspring.
Currently with the new revolutionary practice, it has a feeling of happiness, energy that has changed many things inside and outside, inside-outside. From the radiant heart and confidence in the gifts that life gives us.
In their classes they like to convey the freedom of movement in the body, unlike traditional yoga, that the body is more rigid. Make the smoothness of the movements feel, with curves and waking up areas that were asleep, feeling the activation of the whole body. "Life is a beautiful trip, I will accompany you to enjoy your way"
He is a graduate in Physiotherapy, from the International University of Catalonia. He earned the extraordinary end of career award. Collaborate with private physiotherapy sessions at Pramu. In each session, it transmits its passion to help people, improve illnesses and keep up-to-date, to check the improvement of their patients with passion, precision and love. He has the following training that applies "his wisdom to his patients, usually who makes a session with her repeats."
Master's in Natural Therapies, University of Sant Jordi and hypocrisy Abdominal Gymnastics Specialist
Postgraduate courses and continuing education:
Therapeutic massage and lymphatic drainage for physiotherapists, Acupuncture and digitopuncture, Korean techniques for physiotherapists, Physiotherapy with: Patients with COPD, in the osteoarticular system, in the inflammatory process
Physical-therapeutic action in the pre-post part, Incontinences and sexual dysfunctions.
Rehabilitation of nervous system pathologies for physiotherapists
Rigid and compressive dressing for physiotherapists, Rehabilitation of the patient with vascular pathology for physiotherapists. Functional dressing for physiotherapists.
Massage, Laser Therapy, Thermotherapy and ultrasound for physiotherapists
Performances of the physiotherapist before sensory alterations. Main sports injuries for physiotherapists. Main neurological diseases for physiotherapists. Sports presentation and functional bandwidth for physiotherapists. Neuromuscular disorders for physiotherapists. Soft venation for physiotherapists. Rehabilitation of nervous system pathologies for physiotherapists and much more.
Terapeuta que col·labora en l'equip de pramu compartint la seva passió pel quiromassatge juntament amb altres tècniques de benestar, com Naturapatía manual, reflexologia podal, aromateràpia. També ofereix diverses teràpies naturals com massatge tailandès, teràpia craneosacral, flors de Bach i Reiki. Aplica ventoses xineses. Li encanta formar-se contínuament per ampliar coneixement.

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