Restorative Stretching

A class designed for all levels, promotes an improvement in the position and in the Bowspring alignment. In the first part of this class based on movement with active stretching and smooth postures. The second part will be restorative, using accessories with practical adjustments and to activate and model the fascia.
It covers all the basic alignments of the Bowspring for hands, feet, legs and arms, which are used in all forms in all classes of Pramu. Students will be trained through the 10 key areas of the body. To learn and support the consciousness of the body and full attention through breathing and movement.
Level 1
It covers all the basics to learn better the dynamic posture of the Bowspring in any plane: standing, sideways and upside down. This fluid dynamic practice is intermediate level. We incorporate the functionality of the jumps to restore and strengthen the fascial tissue. As well as taking more consciousness body, mind, emotion It is an energetic and meditative class, excellent for calming and toning the nervous system. Practice requires a strong familiarity with the elementary classes and has a focus on personal vision, the will to grow and the spirit of the community.
The Roots (Level 2)
The earthly Bowspring routine, called Roots. The series of 54 basic postures is appropriate for people who know the practice of Bowspring. It is a challenge for a deeper practice while applying the various elements learned as well as being able to deepen into a sequence.
Flow (Level 1.5)
Class with more intermediate positions of the Roots sequence. This fluid dynamic practice is advanced. Students should have a good knowledge of the work of the Bowspring, it is for those who seek a lot of flow and depth in their practice. Each class is unique and with a series of positions aimed at strengthening its practice in its roots and expansion of internal growth.
Meditation Bow
Meditation is an art to reassure our mind and experience peace in the interior. By calming our physical body, our inner spirit, illuminating and empowering us remains, meditation enables us to handle stress and frustration with more tranquility, ease and optimism. A tool that allows you to balance your emotions, more and more people are gaining the positive impact that meditation makes in our hectic life. Meditation reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, balances emotions, shifts negative thinking, gives you clarity and inspires creativity. Likewise, acting on the circulatory, respiratory and digestive system. Regulating hormone production by improving pulmonary capacity, blood pressure and heart rate. The benefits of sleep are incomparable. Favoring restful dreams. Meditation or ‘full conscience’ consists in paying attention, at the moment, to thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations and the surrounding environment, mainly characterized by “acceptance” of attention to thoughts and emotions without judging whether they are correct or not. The brain focuses on what is perceived at all times, rather than proceeding with the usual functioning of the past or the future. We give you the permission to be in the present.

Private Class
Individual class, to awaken the energy of well-being, discover the potential by exploring in its practice a deeper and subtle level. With a private class you will get more correction of the posture with adjustments. Progress faster, with personalized planning respecting your needs.

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