Benefits of the Bowspring
Bowspring practice brings vibration and balance on all levels: body-mind – heart
Here are a list of benefits provided to students in the practice of Bowspring. The following qualities of the body, the mind and the heart are increased and improve regularly practicing Bowspring:

Body: Relief from pain and loss of pain. More vitality, increased functionality of the body. More strength and less effort in the movement. Breathing is more complete and balanced. Better dynamic balance and weight loss. Raised buttocks curvilinear silhouette and a long belly.  The uniform tone in the connective tissue brings a balance to all joints effect. Myofascial uniform tone can positively affect the neuro-glandular system.

Mind: Greater self-knowledge and responsibility for actions. Greater openness of mind and more curious. Ability to concentrate and a rational thought.

Heart: Loving kindness, compassion. Meaning of life, inspired authenticity. Compassion for self and others. More emotional intelligence, gratitude, and ability to forgive.

The Bowspring is an antidote for health problems arising from our modern sedentary posture of curve of our way of life. Anyone can learn how to make Bowspring of standing, sitting or any position that is basic to increase the health, mindfulness and a positive mindset. Uniform muscle tone in the Bowspring the maximum functionality in ordinary walking, sitting, tasks makes housework, and even more exercise activities such as cycling, running, dance or any sport or physical activity.

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