Pramu Bowspring, first Center nationally and Balearic that emerges this year 2017, instilled philosophy Sridaiva as a lifestyle and a positional template Bowspring, always without forgetting its origins from the year 2009, with the teaching of various styles of modern traditional yoga and other disciplines that adds up all the learned and lived.

Pramu as Centre Bowspring continuous commitment and spirit of helping people to have a healthy body, a mind clear and healthy, with the latest scientific and technological advances, its founder JoanRamon Prats believes deeply in this new methodology to carry a full and radiant life: “this practice help connect everyone with your infinite potential that always comes from a radiant heart, open to life”.

“From a template postural, a Mindfulness with movement and breathing, bloom changes at every level, you just have to be consistent, to allow your body and life to radiate from the subtle, deep thus born a respect for self, others and all the environment near and far”.

If you feel that your inner yearns for this feeling of freedom and radiant life from the heart or physical biniestar, forward, try this new practice.